Dynamic, vibrant and cosmopolitan

With a population of more than half a million people, Cork truly is a hub of activity. It’s a city chosen for its quality of living - a work life balance that goes unmatched across Ireland or indeed Europe.

From the affordable cost of living to minimal congestion and accessibility, the City attracts and retains the brightest talent. This is bolstered only by the fact that it’s home to two internationally accredited third level institutions.

Reasons to choose Cork


  • Affordable – Lower salary and residential rental costs
  • Reputable – Strong FDI performance and existing eco-system of corporations that prosper in Cork
  • Talent – Between University College Cork and Cork Institute of Technology, Cork’s home to a highly educated workforce
  • Access – Strategically located with direct routes to the UK, Europe and the USA
  • Connected – Excellent internet and telecommunications infrastructure
  • Culture – A global hub for start-ups, research and innovation

Cork is a firm favourite for indigenous firms, multinational corporations and fresh young start-ups. Some of the biggest players in pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, technology, communications and global research currently thrive in the City.
And what’s more attractive is the successful track record - Cork frequently holds its own when competing for Foreign Direct Investment.